Effects of social media

Technological advancement has brought tremendous changes in the globalizing world. This led to advent of social media. Social media is a platform where you get to interact to persons from all around the globe just sitting at the comfort zone of your place. It helps you to get in touch with each and every person even far away from you.
Social media has both positive as well as negative impact according to the way it is used. Using it in a good way results in positive impact albeit if misused one have to bear aftermath.
Positively usage makes it a better environment for everyone. It can be done by proper utilization of social media in spreading correct information to everyone and creating awareness about the misinformation. Besides using it just to contact our relatives either on facebook, whatsapp or any other social platform , we can use it for making a great move towards an enchanting future.
Social media such as facebook,earns more than a trillion ever year. If it used effectively it helps in generating a platform for businessman to know about their customer needs and demand , to spread correct information on any issue and many more.
So any other social apps if used effectively they helps in getting enormous changes in society improving lifestyle of every section of society.
As it has rightly been said,
"One must think of every aspect of any issue before giving views on the matter."
Negative impact of social media can be rampant. This has caused disenchantment for many youngsters ,if they don't understand its susceptibility. Hackers have their eyes on every activity related to technology. They are cognizant of every activity occurring globally. This can even led to destruction of one's life or all.
Thus it can be concluded to be aware of every aspect of the information spreading over social media and one must be devotedly be positive in any approach.
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