Mathematics is Fun

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A luminary mathematician knows sanctity and expediency of being cognitive. Mathematics besides being a subject involves essence from formation of whole galaxy to its very destruction.
A majority considering mathematics as the most toughest subject. They are unaware of the fact that everything they experience in their daily life involves mathematics. From waking up to the time to reaching desired destination , is accurately measured by time , is all mathematics. Buying anything, spending conscientiously, arguing, playing games, managing scores, managing population data , remembering one's birthday,  counting age to gambling everything is just a magic of mathematics. As there is a famous credence.
"Practice makes everyone perfect "
Numbers are real, they are true. They can't change according to the situation or place. They are firm.
Aryabhatta who introduce zero to the whole world and all the great mathematician from time immemorial , they just wanted to clarify each and every young and aspirational mind that mathematics is fun. One can experiment in million and trillion and more ways to find out what magnificent wonder maths is. Vedic mathematics originated from India proves to be a cornerstone in getting to know mathematics eloquently.
Mathematics is indelible that pacify one's mind as soon as person starts expediting it more cognitively.
Schools taught mathematics just as a subject not as how interesting the maths is. They don't explain the little minds wonders of mathematics they end up losing interest in maths. A person if taught maths in correct, precise , friendly as well as with fun , they will incessantly gain interest as well as mastery over any topic in maths.
Thus, mathematics is fun if experienced as a way of living. It's the only thing that holds no negativity besides being the fact negative sign comes from it.
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