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Globalization leads to many alterations from e-commerce to e-governance and which includes e - classes or online classes.
Online classes have initiated after emerging of internet and has begun from you tube but has incessantly evolved globally . Especially after the outbreak of corona virus easing COVID - 19, everyone just want to continue their classes either to teach or to get taught. So,for the ease of everyone , people started online classes.
Formerly , you tube was one of the platform to study online , anyone who wants to grab knowledge on any topic , they can get tutorial for everything on You Tube but it was so inconvenient for the folks to get rid of their doubts. So, then there came into existence applications for android phones to get online classes while having face to face discussion on the matter.
So, Online classes brought resilience in the way of learning as well as teaching. One can easily understand any concept by the visuals shown or asking their doubts on any topic. This brings an ease in learning while sitting on the comfort zone of our place .
But as we know there are two phases of a coin. While online classes brought resilience we can not deny the fact being studying in an environment , where we actually feel like learning something incessantly. Being surrounded by our colleagues , listening to them gives everyone a new approach to understand a matter, basically something pragmatic avenues.
As we know
  "A plant grows when it gets proper oxygen, sunlight and water in proper habitat ".
So is a child, they get their proper education in the environment of school.
Perhaps India being a country of mixed economy, a majority of it lacks the basic facilities, so it would be unable for them to attend online classes.
So we can conclude that we have to see every aspect of any new change occurring in the world and must have a look on the aftermath as well as its consequences. Technological advancement can lead our nation from developing to developed when every section of society can be taken care of providing them with all the necessary facilities.
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