The word “WIN” is a verb and refers to achieving your target/ambition   by overcoming the difficulties, which come on the way of accomplishment process, by putting your efforts while performing the work for completion. This situation (WIN) can be attained when you are sensitive to the environment, and have vision, confidence and aptitude of putting hard work with disciplined mindset.

Ignorance is a state of mind when a person lacks confidence, ambitions and disciplined mindset. He bears fear and confusion in his mind due to poor wisdom, knowledge, and skill.  He may have desire to do something, but unable to do so because of above mentioned reasons. Then he starts pretending, abstaining, and avoiding attending the work. This kind of attitude repeats again and again and this attitude becomes habit (style of thinking). This set of mind creates fear and negativity in his mind. Ultimately, he starts justifying his stand by giving arguments as if he is right instead of telling his own problems. He starts abusing/criticizing the system/others as if he is right person but what to do others are not cooperating him.  He designs and develops his own argument on the situation with fear in his mind. This stage is called ‘prejudice’. Such behavior is termed as ‘ignorance’. Now, ignoring something purposefully and knowingly is stupidity. But ignorance by mistake or unknowingly is excusable. He accepts his ignorance and tries to rectify himself and steps what he is to follow. So, Learning aptitude and listening skill are two most important tools to avoid ‘ignorance skill’. Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and practicing social evils are the outcomes of ignorant mindset.  Attitude of ignorance can be stopped through empowerment process.

Empowerment” is a process to building capability to achieve one’s ambition. It has three stages:

1.      Developing  willingness/desire to do,

2.      Developing aptitude to try to do, and

3.      Achieved/done.

4.      Ignorance is the barrier at first stage of empowerment process itself.


Ignorance mindset develops due to the following reasons:

1.      Lack of value based education,

2.      Bearing low ambition,

3.      Lack of disciplined mind,

4.      Lack of interest/desire to create wonder,

5.      Having attitude to criticize others,

6.      Non-submissive,

7.      Lack of integrity,

8.      Not maintaining cordial relationship with others,

9.      Lack of listening skill,

10.  Lack of learning aptitude,

11.  Bearing fearful mind  with future,

12.  Lack of flexibility in   attitude.

13.  Selfishness


1.      Develop self-loving personality,

2.      Provide value based education,

3.      Love and passion to your language, culture, and religion (nationalism),

4.      Helping attitude,

5.       Sensibility to the surrounding,

6.      High ambition,

7.      Strong desire to do something new for the society,

8.      Let whole world infuse into your mind and soul,

9.      Always think “I am always learning what I am going to do today.”


1.      Make  long term and short term objectives  of your work to be done,

2.      Set goals/targets to achieve the objectives,

3.      Evolve course of action to accomplish goals/targets (Planning),

4.      Execute the course of action (Organizing, staffing, directing and Coordinating),

5.      Monitoring the work being done (Controlling),

6.      Evaluating the outcomes obtained,

7.      Redraw future course of actions,

8.      Keep on working till you accomplish you objectives,

9.      Document them properly,

10.  Let the whole world know about your achievement.

“Success” in simple terms is achieving one’s target or ambition.  Continual success in the life depends upon how an individual put his energy, time and resources in a productive manner. If the work done by him/her benefits the people, society and mankind as whole, his success is scaled and measured by them and work done by him/her is accepted by the society. This is in true sense a success. Hence, success is not a chance but it is a behavior. So our behavior should always be sharpened with vision, wisdom, and continual untiredsome hard work and we need to build up a behavior which would lead to success.  

Hence, IGNORANCE is a curse for the human life and moving one step forward is the readiness to succeed.

Conclusion:  The purpose of writing this article with caption “YOU CAN WIN” is the first step to get ready to overhaul an individual’s personality. Some evil thoughts and practices like ignorance, negligence, rigidity in thoughts and mindsets, non-commitment, lack of social behavior etc retard the success in the life.  In other words, WIN-WIN position in the life depends upon one’s entrepreneurial mindset.


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