व्यक्ति अपने जीवन की आवश्यकताओं, इच्छाओं व् चाहतों को पूरा करने का लक्ष्य बनाता है I लक्ष्य प्राप्ति के लिए अपने करियर में सफलता की उन्च्चत्तम ऊँचाई तक पहुँचने का प्रयास करता है I इस प्रयास में व्यक्ति की शिक्षा, अनुभव, व्यवहार-कुशलता, प्रतिभा, सत्यनिष्ठा, सृजनात्मक व् नवाचार सोंच की प्रमुखता, संगठनात्मक लक्ष्य को ससमय पूरा करने जैसी क्षमतायें पैमाने का कार्य करता है I इस लेख में अपने करियर को सफल बनाने की व्याख्या और रणनीति पर प्रकाश डाला गया है I     Introduction: Every individual has his/her own option and goal (under prevailing situations/circumstances) to choose career   and develop professional skills. He/She works to achieve goal set by him/her in the career and wants to lead a happy life. Happiness is measured by him/her in terms of wealth, prestige, promotion, money, convenience, status, family, and values in society and organizations. He/She makes progress in his/her career with certain values like strong work ethics, accountability, performing the tasks assigned and achieving organizational goals.     Job Satisfaction vrs Successful Career: Job satisfaction is the key factor for making career successful. Job satisfaction typically depends upon the following factors:
  1. Your talent,
  2. Your ability and competency,
  3. Your strength,
  4. Nature of job matching to your choice,
  5. Workplace,
  6. Working environment around your workplace,
  7. Your relationship with the colleagues.
As people differ in their ‘ability’ and ‘will to do’, Success in career varies from person to person. In addition, company policy also affects the level of success in the career.   What Determines a Successful Career: Successful career starts from the basic traits of an employee like degree of alertness, positive attitude, attentiveness, interest, desire and action.  Knowledge, skill, wisdom, talent, and experience play like bonus and incentive in promotion of successful career. One needs to manage career like managing your business.  Talent may be considered as combination of creative and innovative ideas which are researched and developed to transform into either tangible or tangible goods for noble cause.   Working for Successful Career:  The followings are the determinants of a successful career:
  1. Keep on adding values to your talent,
  2. Prove your talents in achieving desired outcomes,
  3. Practice your talent,
  4. Value and believe your work and workplace,
  5. Your integrity and cordial relation with your colleagues,
  6. Adoptability, accountability and self-motivation.
  7. Build a professional resume,
  8. Develop your own networking,
  9. Get ready to take full responsibility,
  10. Bear strong desire for perfect performance,
  11. Personal branding dictating your specific traits,
  12. Always set standards for doing any work,
  13. Make documentation
  14. Update your knowledge, skill and wisdom as per organizational needs.
Ask Yourself:


Where will I be position myself after five years with the help of what I am doing (my action) every day?


Monitor and evaluate yourself every day.


Where have I to pay more attention for career progression?


Engage yourself more in result oriented activity. Avoid spending your time on least important work.


Which wrongness and rejection have pulled me down?


Learn from the mistakes and reform yourself aiming to your target).


Know what people expect from you?


Your image may not be good among the people. Don’t worry; always ask yourself what people expect from you.


Are the people creating trouble to you or helping to you?


List such people.  Appreciate them telling their good actions.)

Strategy for successful Career:


Don’t be proudly. It is a limited resource.


 Develop right thinking.


 It is wrong to always think where to invest time and strength.


 Set target.


Everybody likes to remain in comfort zone. But always try to keep yourself outside the comfort zone.


 Prepare plan.


”Let the things go” creates tension. But bearing the tension from the beginning makes the work or life tasteless.


Make your plan error proof after consulting your boss and people who are concerned to it.


It is CHAMATKAAR to keep desire to know more and more information.


 Build up the team.


 Always know 3 things: (i).types of desires you want to have, (ii). On what issues you should believe; and (iii). What type of work you should do.


Always learn from the situation.


It is good if there is a problem.


Be ready to take challenge.


Whatever is happening in your life, it is helpful to move forward in your life.


Work promptly.

(Source: Dainik Bhaskar, Jaipur dt. 16.11.2014)   Conclusion:  Motives are basically needs, wants and desires. As much as the motive will be strong and strongly directed towards the goal, the person will be motivated accordingly to achieve the goal. He/She needs to develop leadership quality and habit for perfect management functions. Ability to influence others (leadership), planning (roadmap), organizing (line of actions) and controlling (feedback and follow up) together determine the level of success in the career.    References:       1. Management of Organizational Behaviour; Paul Harsey &  Ken Blanchard; 4th edition; Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.


Entrepreneurial Mindset- key of success

Stress, frustration, confusion, and failure are the outcomes or consequences which a person does not feel satisfied as these were not accomplished as per his/her desired result, goal, mission, or vision. These vary from person to person with different degrees. On the other hand, On the other hand, we see quite a good number of people who keep on marching forward with overall growth in their lives and always get ready to do something in different way with new taste and flavour. The benefits out of their acts go to all persons of their family, organization, society, nation and ultimately whole world.  People acknowledge their outstanding contribution and they also improve their lifestyle. They do not stop here only rather explore new ideas/opportunities and move forward to achieve something extraordinary.

Turning stress, frustration, confusion, and failure into peace, pleasure, clarity and success require a set of habits, attitudes and behaviours what we call it entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurial Mindset is defined as “all the characteristics and elements that compose the entrepreneurial potential in every individual”.1  Another definition is “An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that enable people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings”.2

Success and failure depend upon an Individual behaviour which can be changed by enhancing knowledge, skill and wisdom. Success depends upon interpersonal skill and leadership which influence the behaviour. The level of ability and motivation being possessed by an individual speak about his/her success rate. Poor ability and low motivation yield poor performance. Vice-versa, higher ability and higher motivation yield higher performance. Accordingly, failure and/or success is measured.

Individual’s behaviour takes shape on the basis of goal set by his/her and is motivated by desire to attain some goals. Goals are set with some motives such as need, desire, drives, impulse, etc. When the motives become stronger, the individual develops strong attitudes and behaviour to accomplish the goals. Adversely, motive strength decreases when he/she deviates from the goals, does not perform activity perfectly, imitates behaviour, bears frustration for longer period, makes excuses and tends to give up.

In order to create and nurture successful and rewarded circumstances around one, he/she may need to practice the following points.

1.      Be sensitive and responsive to your surroundings.

2.      Fulfil commitment what you have given to others.

3.      Always be positive to the situation which you are/will be facing.

4.      Develop learning and listening habits and be flexible to grasp other’s views and opinions.

5.      Surround yourself with smart and accomplished people.

6.      Build up strong network and relationship with the people in the society and organization.

7.      Always practice time management.

8.      Develop strong desire, need and make commitment to achieve them whatever situation prevails.

9.      Mind it, everything is possible not the impossible.

10.  Always keep on trying to do the work in different way what others have not done.

11.  Generate new ideas, creativity and innovation to solve problems.

12.   Become solution provider rather than problem talker.

13.  Challenge the status-quo.

14.  Explore all possibilities to serve the society.

15.  Maintain ethics, trustworthiness and integrity.

16.  Think outside the box.

17.  Take initiatives and responsibility and give final result well in prescribed time, quality and quantity.

18.  Draw other’s attention when you work and talk.

Rapid advancement in the field of technology, management and behavioural science is changing the social behaviour skill and professional skill. In this regard, personality development in the wake of building up entrepreneurial mindset at individual level and entrepreneurial culture at society/organizational level is playing a vital role to attain success in all walks of life.

Conclusion:  We are surrounded by numerous problems and issues such as low income, poverty, unemployment, poor life style, inadequate infrastructure, etc can only be eradicated by inculcating entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial mindset in the society as well as among the people. The process of wealth generation in the economy can only be accelerated by participation of large number of the people in the society.






References: 1.Entrepreneurship- Theory, Process, Practice (Seventh edition,2007); Donald F. Kuratko and Richard M. Hodgetts; Thomson South Western.

2. › entrepreneurial-mindset.

Sushil Sir 2

Skill Development

Skill Devlopment

Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship

The Ministry is responsible for co-ordination of all Skill Development efforts across the country, removal of disconnect between demand and supply of skilled manpower, building the vocational and technical training framework, skill up-gradation, building of new skills and innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but also jobs that are to be created.




The word “WIN” is a verb and refers to achieving your target/ambition   by overcoming the difficulties, which come on the way of accomplishment process, by putting your efforts while performing the work for completion. This situation (WIN) can be attained when you are sensitive to the environment, and have vision, confidence and aptitude of putting hard work with disciplined mindset.

Ignorance is a state of mind when a person lacks confidence, ambitions and disciplined mindset. He bears fear and confusion in his mind due to poor wisdom, knowledge, and skill.  He may have desire to do something, but unable to do so because of above mentioned reasons. Then he starts pretending, abstaining, and avoiding attending the work. This kind of attitude repeats again and again and this attitude becomes habit (style of thinking). This set of mind creates fear and negativity in his mind. Ultimately, he starts justifying his stand by giving arguments as if he is right instead of telling his own problems. He starts abusing/criticizing the system/others as if he is right person but what to do others are not cooperating him.  He designs and develops his own argument on the situation with fear in his mind. This stage is called ‘prejudice’. Such behavior is termed as ‘ignorance’. Now, ignoring something purposefully and knowingly is stupidity. But ignorance by mistake or unknowingly is excusable. He accepts his ignorance and tries to rectify himself and steps what he is to follow. So, Learning aptitude and listening skill are two most important tools to avoid ‘ignorance skill’. Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and practicing social evils are the outcomes of ignorant mindset.  Attitude of ignorance can be stopped through empowerment process.

Empowerment” is a process to building capability to achieve one’s ambition. It has three stages:

1.      Developing  willingness/desire to do,

2.      Developing aptitude to try to do, and

3.      Achieved/done.

4.      Ignorance is the barrier at first stage of empowerment process itself.


Ignorance mindset develops due to the following reasons:

1.      Lack of value based education,

2.      Bearing low ambition,

3.      Lack of disciplined mind,

4.      Lack of interest/desire to create wonder,

5.      Having attitude to criticize others,

6.      Non-submissive,

7.      Lack of integrity,

8.      Not maintaining cordial relationship with others,

9.      Lack of listening skill,

10.  Lack of learning aptitude,

11.  Bearing fearful mind  with future,

12.  Lack of flexibility in   attitude.

13.  Selfishness


1.      Develop self-loving personality,

2.      Provide value based education,

3.      Love and passion to your language, culture, and religion (nationalism),

4.      Helping attitude,

5.       Sensibility to the surrounding,

6.      High ambition,

7.      Strong desire to do something new for the society,

8.      Let whole world infuse into your mind and soul,

9.      Always think “I am always learning what I am going to do today.”


1.      Make  long term and short term objectives  of your work to be done,

2.      Set goals/targets to achieve the objectives,

3.      Evolve course of action to accomplish goals/targets (Planning),

4.      Execute the course of action (Organizing, staffing, directing and Coordinating),

5.      Monitoring the work being done (Controlling),

6.      Evaluating the outcomes obtained,

7.      Redraw future course of actions,

8.      Keep on working till you accomplish you objectives,

9.      Document them properly,

10.  Let the whole world know about your achievement.

“Success” in simple terms is achieving one’s target or ambition.  Continual success in the life depends upon how an individual put his energy, time and resources in a productive manner. If the work done by him/her benefits the people, society and mankind as whole, his success is scaled and measured by them and work done by him/her is accepted by the society. This is in true sense a success. Hence, success is not a chance but it is a behavior. So our behavior should always be sharpened with vision, wisdom, and continual untiredsome hard work and we need to build up a behavior which would lead to success.  

Hence, IGNORANCE is a curse for the human life and moving one step forward is the readiness to succeed.

Conclusion:  The purpose of writing this article with caption “YOU CAN WIN” is the first step to get ready to overhaul an individual’s personality. Some evil thoughts and practices like ignorance, negligence, rigidity in thoughts and mindsets, non-commitment, lack of social behavior etc retard the success in the life.  In other words, WIN-WIN position in the life depends upon one’s entrepreneurial mindset.


Sushil Sir

Mathematics is Fun

math 1
A luminary mathematician knows sanctity and expediency of being cognitive. Mathematics besides being a subject involves essence from formation of whole galaxy to its very destruction.
A majority considering mathematics as the most toughest subject. They are unaware of the fact that everything they experience in their daily life involves mathematics. From waking up to the time to reaching desired destination , is accurately measured by time , is all mathematics. Buying anything, spending conscientiously, arguing, playing games, managing scores, managing population data , remembering one's birthday,  counting age to gambling everything is just a magic of mathematics. As there is a famous credence.
"Practice makes everyone perfect "
Numbers are real, they are true. They can't change according to the situation or place. They are firm.
Aryabhatta who introduce zero to the whole world and all the great mathematician from time immemorial , they just wanted to clarify each and every young and aspirational mind that mathematics is fun. One can experiment in million and trillion and more ways to find out what magnificent wonder maths is. Vedic mathematics originated from India proves to be a cornerstone in getting to know mathematics eloquently.
Mathematics is indelible that pacify one's mind as soon as person starts expediting it more cognitively.
Schools taught mathematics just as a subject not as how interesting the maths is. They don't explain the little minds wonders of mathematics they end up losing interest in maths. A person if taught maths in correct, precise , friendly as well as with fun , they will incessantly gain interest as well as mastery over any topic in maths.
Thus, mathematics is fun if experienced as a way of living. It's the only thing that holds no negativity besides being the fact negative sign comes from it.

Online Class

Globalization leads to many alterations from e-commerce to e-governance and which includes e - classes or online classes.
Online classes have initiated after emerging of internet and has begun from you tube but has incessantly evolved globally . Especially after the outbreak of corona virus easing COVID - 19, everyone just want to continue their classes either to teach or to get taught. So,for the ease of everyone , people started online classes.
Formerly , you tube was one of the platform to study online , anyone who wants to grab knowledge on any topic , they can get tutorial for everything on You Tube but it was so inconvenient for the folks to get rid of their doubts. So, then there came into existence applications for android phones to get online classes while having face to face discussion on the matter.
So, Online classes brought resilience in the way of learning as well as teaching. One can easily understand any concept by the visuals shown or asking their doubts on any topic. This brings an ease in learning while sitting on the comfort zone of our place .
But as we know there are two phases of a coin. While online classes brought resilience we can not deny the fact being studying in an environment , where we actually feel like learning something incessantly. Being surrounded by our colleagues , listening to them gives everyone a new approach to understand a matter, basically something pragmatic avenues.
As we know
  "A plant grows when it gets proper oxygen, sunlight and water in proper habitat ".
So is a child, they get their proper education in the environment of school.
Perhaps India being a country of mixed economy, a majority of it lacks the basic facilities, so it would be unable for them to attend online classes.
So we can conclude that we have to see every aspect of any new change occurring in the world and must have a look on the aftermath as well as its consequences. Technological advancement can lead our nation from developing to developed when every section of society can be taken care of providing them with all the necessary facilities.