विश्व में हर व्यक्ति हर समय और  हर स्थान पर  अपनी क्षमता, प्रवृति, विवेक से निर्णय लेता है I गलत निर्णय का परिणाम असफलता अथवा तकलीफ का कारण बन जाता है I इसके विपरीत  लिया हुआ सटीक और सही निर्णय उसे प्रगति के मार्ग में आगे ले जाता है I इस लेख के माध्यम यह प्रयास किया गया है कि  सही समय, स्थान  और परिस्थिति  की पहचान करके सर्वोचित निर्णय लेने की कौन-कौन सी प्रमुख कारक हैं जिसे निर्णय लेते वक़्त ध्यान में रखना आवश्यक है ताकि अच्छे परिणाम-युक्त और सही निर्णय लिया जा सके और सफलता हासिल की जा सके I

Every day we take decisions on various issues pertaining to our personal, family, social lives and participate in the decision making process with the group of people within the family and/or organization where we are somehow related to and also affect our life-styles directly and/or indirectly.   Decisions are taken most often while fulfilling the needs (physiological, esteem, self-actualization, safety, security, organizational and social, etc). First of all, we need to understand our status or position in the decision making process.

  1. Whether decision is being taken by majority.
  2. Whether decision is being taken by reaching at consensus. All agree anonymously and with mutual understanding.
  3. Whether decision is taken proportionally, eg, on family matters.
  4. Whether decision is taken on hierarchical basis, eg, when the boss or the eldest member of the family takes decision.

Above situations are related to the people when they are in group whether small, medium or large. But, the person also takes decision at own individual level.

Factors influencing the Decision Making Process: The following major factors affect individual’s ability in decision making process.

  1. Just follow, what others do and say.
  2. You surrounded by the people.
  3. Your hierarchical position in the family and organization.
  4. Your personal characteristics like confidence, fearlessness, courage, challenge taking, facing threats, visionary, mindset, flexibility in your views and opinions. Learning aptitude, knowledge, skill, wisdom, logic mind, scientific mind, judicious mind etc.
  5. Resources what you have (shortage, limited, adequate, sufficient or abundant).
  6. Quantum of information what you have.
  7. Your internal and external environments to what extent favourable or adverse.
  8. Your interest on the matters.
  9. Feeling of disagreement and unhappiness by others.

Preparing for making most Appropriate Decision:Taking right decision at right time, right place and right direction is the most important issue to overcome the problems and solving out effectively and efficiently. In order to inculcate such attitude, the following steps may be followed.

  1. Keep your mind open and think the best beyond any kind of constraints, limitations and barriers.
  2. Be flexible in thoughts with acceptability and adoptability mindset.
  3. Develop learning aptitude and enhance knowledge, skill and wisdom.
  4. Be confident, fearless and courageous to accept any kind of challenges and threats.
  5. Identify the resources which would be utilized while executing the decision.

The following steps may be considered to be taken to arrive at the best solution to any problem.

  1. Identify the origin, nature, characteristics, and eco-system of the need or problem.
  2. Identify the purpose of decision ie, goal/target.
  3. Don’t act hurriedly. Keep your mind calm and peace.
  4. Gather relevant information related to need/problem.
  5. Find out alternatives.
  6. Match each alternative with the available resources for getting the best solution.
  7. Check and evaluate the evidences.
  8. Choose the best alternative.
  9. Review the decision taken and evaluate its consequences.

Conclusion: Decision making gives direction to lead life. Poor or wrong decision leads to troubles/failure and vice-versa right decision creates opportunities and solve the problems. This helps in eradicating the barriers and created self-confidence, fearlessness and courage to overthrow challenges and threats. It is therefore highly needed that one should be always on high alert or attention so as to be watchful with the happening taking place around. It is always advised to take interest in knowing and handling the adverse situations by breaking out the comfort zone.  Desire is needed to be generated to face the challenges/threats and finally action  with right decision at right place at right time would yield favorable consequences.

—Dr. Sushil Kumar

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